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Playstation 3 Repair Information

Our Playstation 3 repair service has been discontinued. has acquired all Playstation 3 repair contracts and rights from Endless Electronics. This shift has been made in preparation for the release of the Playstation 4. At Endless Electronics we have chosen to focus our brand on iOS repair services. We will no longer service the Playstation 3. Thank you to all of our previous customers for all of your support. We are confident that will be able to deliver the same level of service you have come to expect from Endless Electronics.

Endless Electronics can no longer answer questions or provide support for Playstation 3 repair customers. Please direct all inquiries and communications to For more information about this transition please see this press release.

If you have already started your PS3 repair, it can still be serviced by Endless Electronics. Your PS3 must reach us by 12/06/13 in order to redeem your diagnostic fee and have your PS3 repaired by Endless Electronics. Otherwise it will be forwarded to

PS3 Repair Services

Looking for PS3 Repair?

Please see our friends at for reliable nation-wide PS3 repair services.

If you need a Playstation 3 repair service please click on the button below to visit
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Warranty Information

Endless Electronics has discontinued services for the Playstation 3. has agreed to service all remaining warranty obligations.

For important information about the expiration of the YLOD lifetime warranty coverage term please see this press release.

If you need to redeem an Endless Electronics warranty please click the button below to submit a request for verification.
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